"DNR" propagandists awkwardly lie that it was Ukraine that closed its checkpoints in Donbas 02/25/2021 13:17:38. Total views 525. Views today — 0.

The "DNR" propagandists are spreading false information that the Ukrainian side has closed its checkpoints in the Donbas. A similar fake is contained in the statement of the so-called "people's militia" (self-designation of the "DNR" illegal armed formations - OstroV) regarding the detention of a saboteur of the Russian occupation forces in the controlled territory.

According to the JFO headquarters, "not far from the village of Chermalyk, a Ukrainian soldier, who was on duty at an observation post, detained a serviceman of the occupation forces of the Russian Federation, who was trying to infiltrate Ukrainian positions. The enemy inflicted a slight wound on our soldier with cold weapons during the detention. In response, the soldier used standard weapons and detained the occupier".

The "DNR" propagandists traditionally stated that the armed saboteur was in fact a civilian who decided to visit his relatives in the controlled territory.

"In connection with the blocking of work of the entry-exit checkpoint by the Ukrainian side, resident of the Republic S.ZAKUTNOI tried to move to the temporarily controlled territory of Ukraine in the settlement of Novoselivka to his relatives. Fighters of the 1st battalion of the 53rd brigade opened fire from small arms on a man walking in their direction, having wounded him. Zakutnoi in critical condition was taken to a medical institution in Andriivka", - the "people's militia" made a statement to the local media.

In fact, the Ukrainian side in the Donetsk oblast is not blocking the work of its Novoselivka checkpoint. It was the occupation authorities of the CADO that actually blocked free movement across the contact line, - they open the "road corridor" only twice a week and pass a limited number of citizens through their checkpoint according to the agreed lists.

As for the statements of the occupation propagandists about the alleged "civilian", according to the reports of the JFO headquarters and volunteers, his detention was carried out at the AFU positions, the detainee was dressed in a military uniform and armed with a bayonet knife.