Russian "curator of the Ukrainian issue" Kozak actually admits illegitimacy of Minsk agreements - Harmash 01/22/2021 13:34:20. Total views 951. Views today — 0.

Russian "curator of the Ukrainian issue" Dmitry Kozak has actually admitted the illegitimacy of the Minsk agreements. This is reported by representative of CADO in the Trilateral Contact Group Serhiy Harmash on his Facebook.

"(Yesterday's - OstroV) TCG meeting was, in a certain way, sensational. For the first time (at least when I was),"curator of the Ukrainian issue", Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration of Russia Dmitry Kozak literally burst into the process. He decisively "evicted" head of the Russian delegation Boris Gryzlov from the armchair in front of the monitor (which is picturesque in itself!) and stated: "No road map will be developed in the Normandy Four!" There will be only recommendations!", - he writes.

According to S.Harmash, D.Kozak reacted this way to Leonid Kravchuk's proposal to wait with the discussion in the political group of two incompatible documents until the Normandy Four develops a new document on the sequence of actions for the implementation of the Minsk agreements. Moderator of the subgroup Pierre Morel could use this document to prepare a single compromise plan from the OSCE and thus unblock the negotiation deadlock in political issues.

"It is not progress that is important For Russia, but the imposition on Ukraine of discussion of the "CADLO plan", which is unacceptable for us", - the representative of CADO explains the position of D.Kozak.

However, according to Serhiy Harmash, the main sensation, voiced by Dmitry Kozak, is the motivation for the impossibility of developing the N-4 "road map".

"The Normandy Four has no right to interfere in the internal affairs of Ukraine!", - he quoted the words of the Russian curator.

"Thus, the Russian Federation actually recognized the illegitimacy of the Minsk agreements out of the mouth Dmitry Kozak, because Minsk-2, which imposes on Ukraine the adoption of certain laws and even constitutional amendments, was developed in February 2015 by the Normandy Four! However, laws and, moreover, the Constitution - are an exclusively internal matter of the state", - he sums up.