Puppet "DNR/LNR" authorities decide to "blabber" work of TCG with some "social activists" 01/19/2021 13:46:21. Total views 543. Views today — 0.

Puppet authorities of the "DNR/LNR" have decided to blabber the work of political subgroup of the TCG with some "invited social activists". This is reported by the fake "MFA" of the quasi-republics.

"Public figures of the "DNR" take part in a meeting of the political subgroups of the (Trilateral - OstroV) contact group on the Donbas today for the first time", - representatives of CADO report, traditionally ignoring that the Contact Group is officially a trilateral (Ukraine, Russia, OSCE ) and does not include any "DNR" and "LNR", moreover, their "public figures".

"The invited public figures will act as experts (???) on relevant issues on the agenda", - the occupiers' accomplices assure.

A similar message was posted on their pages by propaganda resources operating in the uncontrolled territory of Luhansk oblast. The occupiers admitted that the goal had been achieved - the work of political subgroup of the TCG was complicated. "More than an hour was spent on objectless discussion…", - the self-proclaimed "LNR MFA" reported, having traditionally shifted the blame for sabotage to the Ukrainian side.