New "master of the universe" is looking for dwarf to offer caviar on tray at banquet in "DNR" 12/17/2020 12:43:21. Total views 791. Views today — 0.

In the "DNR", a certain nouveau riche is looking for a dwarf to serve a banquet he is organizing in one of the restaurants in occupied Donetsk. The corresponding announcement was made public by popular blogger under the nickname hochu_dodomu

It is planned that the dwarf will emphasize the "aesthetics of decadence" at the "dinner party" by offering caviar to the guests.

"A private person is going to give a banquet in one of Donetsk restaurants. A dwarf is required to offer caviar to guests on a tray for the aesthetics of decadence. He will not need special artistic skills", - the announcement says.

Taking into account the mores prevailing in the occupied Donbas, the candidate for the position of "court jester" is reassured that "the courtesy and decency of the guests is guaranteed".