Occupiers of "LNR" nowhere near completion of construction of Shchastya checkpoint: 16 workers and heavy equipment equip toilet 11/25/2020 14:05:07. Total views 664. Views today — 0.

Occupation authorities of the "LNR" cannot complete the construction of the Shchastya checkpoint, the opening of which was scheduled for early November. This is said in the report of the OSCE SMM of November 24.

It notes that near the Shchastya checkpoint, "the SMM saw 16 workers using heavy equipment to erect metal steps for a public lavatory, they welded and erected metal poles around generators, marked the asphalt up and prepare metal poles for installation around the well.

At the same time, despite the obvious unreadiness of infrastructure of the Shchastya checkpoint to resume the passage of citizens across the contact line from the occupied part of the Luhansk oblast, puppet leadership of the "LNR" continues to accuse the Ukrainian side of refusing to open the checkpoint.

In particular, Olga Kobtseva, who calls herself a representative of the "LNR" in the humanitarian subgroup of the Contact Group, regularly states that "Kyiv's unilateral opening of the checkpoints near Shchastya and Zolote poses a risk for people due to the fact that the Ukrainian side did not agree on the rules for crossing the neutral zone".

According to her, the occupiers did not open new checkpoints because Kyiv "had not fulfilled its obligations under the agreed roadmap". Allegedly, the Ukrainian side "did not agree on the rules for crossing the neutral zone, and also set up a checkpoint on the road leading to the checkpoint in the area of Shchastya".