Russian "military instructors" do not hide their Russian origin– IR 03/15/2016 14:22:43. Total views 988. Views today — 0.

"Military instructors" who are guarded by Special forces of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation arrived from Russia to occupied Donetsk. Coordinator of the Information Resistance group, deputy (Narodnyi Front) Dmitry Tymchuk informed about that onFacebook.

"Another group of "military instructors" of the high rank from Russia has been recorded in Donetsk. The lack of "intructors’" attempts to hide their "Russian origin" has been noted – the group uses vehicles with Russian numbers," - wrote Tymchuk.

According to him, this group is under double guard. Thus, Special forces units of the MID GS of theArmed Forces of the Russian Federation and local militants accompany them.