Ukrainian books withdrawn from libraries of universities and schools in occupied Donetsk 11/05/2020 12:38:46. Total views 580. Views today — 0.

The occupied territory of Donetsk oblast has begun to destroy Ukrainian literature in the libraries of schools and universities. This is written in social networks.

The process of withdrawing books in Ukrainian from school libraries began this summer, and now it has been continued in a clone of the Ukrainian university - Donetsk National University.

"Now they got to the university. All Ukrainian textbooks and fiction are being prepared for disposal and utilization… There is a priceless literature stock: the shelves with Stus, Zabuzhko, Franko, Honchar… They are going to destroy the entire Ukrainian revival", - the Donetsk residents write.

Users are actively commenting on the situation, offering the "DNR" not to destroy, but sell the books. They also write that "it looks like civilization in Donetsk is over".

"But they are not repressers, no, what are you talking about… After all, the books are not burned openly on the squares… For now, in any case… But in general, this is scary - we lived with these individuals in the same state!.. The hatred of Ukraine is satanic…", - the users comment.