Russia is to blame: "DNR" explains shortage of medicines and rise in food prices 10/27/2020 16:03:35. Total views 659. Views today — 0.

The occupied territory of Donetsk oblast has given explanations about the shortage of medicines in pharmacies and the increase in the cost of products - it all depends on Russia. This is said in a number of separatist media.

So, the fake "DNR Ministry of Health" reported that the reason for the interruptions in the timely supply of medicines to private pharmacies had been caused by the increased demand for medicines in Russia, where the situation with the increase in the number of COVID-19 diseases is similar.

However, at the same time, they accused the residents of the occupied Donetsk region, who also "buy medicines by quantities, exceeding the norm and the estimated need for a family".

In addition, food products in the "DNR" are becoming more expensive due to the situation in the Russian Federation. This was discussed at a meeting with farmers. Thus, Artem Kramarenko, who calls himself "the Minister of Agro-Industrial Policy and Food of the DNR", stated that in addition to this year's harvest failure and seasonal factor, "certain types of products are dependent on supplies that come from the territory of the Russian Federation, where prices for a number of items increased as well".