"LNR" occupiers admit that they employed only 30% of miners dismissed from liquidated mines 10/22/2020 17:18:17. Total views 697. Views today — 0.

Only 30% of workers dismissed from the mines liquidated by the "LNR" occupiers got a new job. This fact was recognized in the so-called "social insurance fund in case of unemployment".

The message proudly announces the successful implementation of the so-called "employment program for workers of liquidated mines".

According to the information provided by the "fund", it was possible to employ for a permanent job "every third miner who applied" according to the "state" program.

At the same time, it is reported that more than a thousand of the dismissed miners applied for help in finding a job. Of these, only one in three got a job, that is, about 330 people.

As reported in the summer, a tense situation with mines developed in CALO: as part of the "reform" of the coal industry, the occupiers began to close unprofitable, often city-forming coal enterprises, dismissing all the personnel.