Occupiers of "DNR" recognize 153 new cases of COVID-19, 210 pneumonias and 17 deaths 10/15/2020 11:36:06. Total views 733. Views today — 0.

The "DNR" occupiers have recognized 153 new cases of coronavirus infection and 17 deaths. This is reported by the fake "DNR Ministry of Health".

In total, the occupiers confirmed 4 905 cases of coronavirus disease and 324 deaths in the morning of October 15. The death rate is 6.6% now. This indicator is several times higher than the death rate in the territory controlled by Ukraine.

The occupiers also began to give statistics on the cases of pneumonia, allegedly not related to COVID-19. Thus, 210 cases of pneumonia were detected in the "DNR" over the day, of which 98 resulted in hospitalized. In total, 1 653 patients with pneumonia are being treated, of which 396 are on oxygen support (+36 over the day).