Metallurgical plant, with which Donetsk started, stopped its work 03/11/2016 20:50:53. Total views 1336. Views today — 0.

Donetsk Metallurgical Plant (DMP) stopped its only working blast furnace for scheduled maintenance. Thus, the plant, in fact, stopped production on March 11th. At the same time, DEMP (Donetsk Electrometallurgical Plant) stopped working completely, it used to be one of the DMP complexes. It is reported by the correspondent of OstroV in Donetsk.

"DEMP has already closed completely. Accounts are blocked, management is fired, equipment is cut into scrap metal. The situation with DMP is uncertain. They tried to start open-hearth furnace - it did not work. And now the other other blast furnace was stopped for scheduled maintenance. So, the plant was almost stopped today," - said the source at the plant.

The owner of the DMP is Russian oligarch Viktor Nusenkis.

Earlier OstroV reported that the company had launched a large-scale staff reduction in November 2015. At that time the company employed 5800 people, and it was about dismissal of about 4000 metallurgists.