Presidential Office recognizes joint inspection of AFU positions, without specifying who exactly will conduct it 09/09/2020 19:01:12. Total views 816. Views today — 0.

The Office of the President of Ukraine has confirmed that the participants of the extraordinary meeting of the TCG would conduct a joint inspection of the AFU positions near Horlivka. This is stated in the message of the President's Office.

"The participants in the consultations agreed on a joint inspection in the area of Shumy settlement with the participation of a representative of the OSCE coordinator", - it notes.

At the same time, the message does not say who exactly took part in the meeting.

The Trilateral Contact Group for a Peaceful Settlement of the Situation in Eastern Ukraine includes authorized representatives of Ukraine, the OSCE and Russia. In the meanwhile, occupation authorities of the "DNR" stated that they were full-fledged members of the TCG and that their representatives would be allowed to inspect the AFU combat positions of in the JFO zone.

"The representatives of the "DNR" at the TCG managed to force the Ukrainian side to a joint inspection in the area of Shumy settlement, with the participation of the OSCE representative, to record the real state of Ukrainian positions… That is, in fact, we forced Ukraine to fulfill its obligations", - Vladislav Berdichevskiy, who calls himself a "deputy of the people's council", stated in his Telegram channel.

As previously reported, occupation authorities of the "DNR" demanded that they be allowed to the AFU positions for a joint "inspection" of the fortifications near Horlivka. According to them, the leadership of the "republic" proposed to convene an extraordinary meeting of the Contact Group on September 9 at 12:00. "We propose to convene an extraordinary meeting of the Contact Group tomorrow, on September 9, at 12:00 in order to make a decision on the issue of holding a joint inspection of representatives of the "Donetsk People's Republic", as well as representatives of Ukraine in the JCCC with the assistance of the OSCE representatives regarding fixing the elimination of violations in displacement of positions of the armed formations of Ukraine near the settlement of Shumy", - Natalia Nikonorova, who calls herself "Minister of Foreign Affairs", stated.

In the meanwhile, the OSCE SMM states that after 5 July, the JF units did not undertake any engineering work on the indicated section of the front line. Occupation authorities of the "DNR" assure the opposite and threaten Ukraine to attack the AFU positions in order to destroy the "illegally erected" fortifications. They named 10:00 a.m. on September 9 as the next date for this attack.