Another two thousand. 2174 people get sick with COVID-19 in Ukraine over the day 09/07/2020 10:09:20. Total views 381. Views today — 2.

2174 Cases of coronavirus disease COVID-19 have been recorded in Ukraine over the past day. This is evidenced by data from the website of the National Security and Defense Council, which monitors the situation.

According to Minister of Health Maksym Stepanov, 31 deaths from COVID-19 were recorded over the past day, 379 patients recovered.

"2174 people fell ill over the past day, of which 145 children and 77 health workers. 269 people were hospitalized over the past day. In total, 138 068 people fell ill during the pandemic, including 8 941 children and 12 069 health workers. 62 606 people recovered and 2877 died", - the minister stated at today's briefing.

19 006 tests on COVID-19 were carried over the past day, of which 15 224 - by PCR and 3 782 - by EIA.