Report on the Russian crimes in Donbass will be presented in Hague in April 03/10/2016 21:15:22. Total views 1361. Views today — 0.

Report on war crimes of Russian in Donbass in 2014 will be presented at Hague tribunal in April. This was stated by deputy of the Polish Sejm, the co-author of the report Malgorzata Gosiewska in an interview with Radio Poland.

"This document provides proof of Russian war crimes in Ukraine. The report is only part of the evidence, but we will present the full testimonies of specific people - the victims of these crimes, who have names and surnames. We will also present a dossier on war criminals. I hope that the Hague tribunal will put them on the wanted list and punish," - she said.

According to her, the report has several objectives. "Firstly, we would like to listen to the victims, give them the opportunity to give evidence and then present them to the public and the court. Secondly, we wanted to punish criminals. We have evidence of their crimes. We want to make these people understand that they can not escape punishment. We see and assess everythung and in due time they will be punished. War crimes have no statue of limitations," - said M. Gosiewska.

She noted that the report had also a political purpose.

"Due to the report and compiled evidence, we want to show the world, the European politicians who is behind all this. It's Russia. It is not some wild gang wandering around Donbass. Russian citizens, members of the Russian special services are among those involved in torture, mockery of the Ukrainian citizens. Everything takes place in the framework imposed by the Russian system and Russian rules. Criminals were released from prisons, given weapons, they became "guardians of order" on the occupied territory. It’s a bandit system," - she said.

According to her, the report is expected to be presented on April 5th.

"It is likely to take place on April 5th. We are now coordinating the final details. We will inform the media about it. The report will be presented in other European countries. I hope that we will be able soon to present our materials at the Ukrainian Verkhovna Rada. We already have a preliminary invitation. I hope we will be able to complete everything successfully," - she summed up.