Occupied Donbass starts talking about imminent conscription for "military service" in "DNR/LNR" armed formations 08/11/2020 17:21:17. Total views 716. Views today — 0.

Rumors about the conscription of men for military service in the "DNR/LNR" illegal armed groups are spreading in the occupied Donbass. This is stated in a number of posts on social networks.

One of the first to raise this topic was Vladislav Berdichevskiy ("Brig"), who calls himself a "deputy of the DNR People's Council". He posted an impromptu poll on his Telegram channel about the reaction of the population of CADLO to compulsory "military service".

The conditional "Novorossiysk opposition" began to actively comment on this message of the "deputy".

In particular, the author of the Luhansk Insider channel wrote that according to his information, "conscription for military service in the "LNR" and "DNR" is really expected in the fall, probably, from October".

"The poll of the Donetsk propagandist Vladislav Brig is preparation of the ground for this event, the probing of public opinion", - he suggests.

"I am informed that the "LNR" has even built guardhouses for the recruits. Could this decision be prevented by any events? Everything is possible. But at the moment, the plans and intentions are as follows", - the Luhansk Insider assures.

Another "telegraph operator" under the nickname "It's a shame for the State" writes that a possible conscription into an illegal armed formation is a necessary measure. "If the conscript service is nevertheless introduced in the "republics", then it will be a really necessary measure... There is a significant understaffing in the corps, and under the conditions of the f***ing Minsk conspiracy, there are no more people wishing to serve...", - he laments.

"The Donbass leaders, capable exclusively of populism, would avoid such unpopular actions, if they could. In this case, alas, urgent service is almost inevitable...", - the author of the post sums up.