UN calls to provide forced migrants with the right to vote in the elections in occupied Donbass 03/09/2016 18:48:26. Total views 1213. Views today — 0.

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees calls to respect political rights of forced migrants. This is stated in the report of the UN Refugees Office as of February, – reports Pereselenets website.

"The authorities must ensure that the political rights of forced migrants will be resumed. The UNHCR emphasizes the connection between voting in local elections and long-term solutions and notes that the voting could be a key element of integration into the local community," - stated the report with respect to voting rights in local elections in the regions of the temporary stay.

"At the same time, the UN insist - it is important to provide forced migrants with the opportunity to participate in the elections in Donbass, scheduled for 2016 under the agreement of Minsk II."