Only 129 people manage to get into occupied territory of CADO through Olenivka checkpoint - Border Guard Service of Ukraine 07/09/2020 10:25:29. Total views 636. Views today — 0.

The "DNR" occupiers have let 129 people and 4 vehicles pass to the territory under their control on July 7. This follows from the message of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine.

It notes that the military personnel of the Donetsk border detachment at the Novotroitske checkpoint registered 163 people and 6 vehicles to leave the controlled territory for CADO.

However, the message says that realizing the scenario of admission to the occupied territory of CADO exclusively according to the lists of some "non-departmental headquarters to combat COVID-19", the militants "returned 34 people and 2 vehicles that headed for the temporarily uncontrolled territory".

According to the returned citizens, people who were waiting for a pass to the uncontrolled territory stayed in front of the Olenivka checkpoint when twilight came.

As previously reported, about 100 people drove to the gray zone on July 7 between the Olenivka checkpoint, controlled by the DNR militants and the Ukrainian Novotroitske checkpoint from the territory controlled by Ukraine without confirmation from the "headquarters". The occupiers refused to let people, whom they call their "citizens", pass through their zero checkpoint, citing the fact that they are not included in the lists. As a result, all those who wish to "get to CADO" without being included in the lists were located along the road under the open sun. Occupation authorities of the "DNR" did not comment on the situation: the "official" media did not cover this situation at all. According to reports from social networks, the "DNR" special forces forcibly put the "violators" in buses in the evening and drove them to the Ukrainian checkpoint. However, 47 people returned to the "zero" Olenivka checkpoint. Even cars with drinking water were not allowed to the exhausted by heat people.

In particular, users noted in social networks that the occupiers' checkpoint received an order at 11 p.m.: all citizens from the gray zone were allowed to enter CADO and were taken for observation. They were placed in the wards of a hydropathic establishment in Makiivka at about 3 a.m. Most arrivals have a high temperature due to overheating, many have body burns and suspicions of heat and sunstroke. A lot of men were beaten. Non-specialized hydropathic establishment is surrounded by police. No one is allowed out of the hospital, including its staff. The situation is very tense.