US Vice President Biden raised in Kiev the question about the prospects of restarting the government – deputy 12/07/2015 21:53:39. Total views 1175. Views today — 0.

US Vice President Joseph Biden assured of the full support of Ukraine and called for election law on the occupied territories in a meeting with Ukrainian parliamentarians, representatives of the Presidential Administration and members of civil society. This was reported by deputy (Petro Poroshenko Bloc faction) Svetlana Zalishchuk on Facebook.

"The Vice President made a strong statement of support for Ukraine "financially and not only". And ensured that "Ukraine is a central theme of any meeting with Putin, whatever the occasion is". At the same time he called for amendments to the Constitution and the law on elections on the occupied territories, which "will enable the United States to demand Russia reciprocal to do steps and the Europeans to show unity on sanctions", - wrote Zalischuk.

She said that the key themes of the meeting were unsatisfactory level of the fight against corruption, the prospect of restarting government, Minsk action by the international community concerning Russia, the Constitution and the law on elections on the occupied territories.

"A new government. My message is that the team must be restarted. We need a new mandate of trust  from business, from society, from parliament. The system went down, it requires restart. In democratic states it is a healthy mechanism to raise the level of efficiency of the authorities. At the same time it is obvious that our American partners do not see any way to provide stability without maintaining the quo status. The visit of the Vice President is aimed at preserving the union"- said Zalishchuk.