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In the area of the Joint Forces Operation on June 15, armed formations of the Russian Federation violated the ceasefire once, - the JFO headquarters reported. Ukrainian servicemen acted decisively and adequately responded to the Russian occupiers, having forced the occupation forces to cease their criminal activities. There are no losses in the ranks of the Joint Forces because of the enemy shelling. Situation in the area of the Joint Forces Operation remains controlled.

Russian troops and representatives of the "DNR" occupation authorities do not allow civilians to cross the demarcation line at the Marinka checkpoint in any direction, - the Joint Forces Operation headquarters reported. "The occupiers demonstrate complete indifference to the problems of civilians. An egregious example of cynical treatment of civilians is that Russian mercenaries have been holding two people in their cars in front of their checkpoint for more than three days, stubbornly preventing them from going home. People cannot break through the wall of indifference of Russian mercenaries until now", - the headquarters noted. In turn, Ukrainian border guards from the Joint Forces, if necessary, are ready to ensure the return of these citizens back to the territory controlled by the government of Ukraine, - the report said.

The so-called "supreme court" of the "LNR" sentenced a man to 13.5 years in prison with confiscation of property for alleged collaborating with the SBU, separatist media wrote. "A resident of the city of Berdiansk, Zaporizhia oblast, was convicted of committing a number of deliberate crimes against the foundations of the constitutional system and security of the state… In late May - early June 2018, being in Kyiv, the defendant… was recruited by the SBU employee as an agent. After that, he arrived in the LNR with the purpose of collecting and transmitting information to representatives of the Ukrainian intelligence service", - the "court" stated. The occupiers state that "during the trial, the accused pleaded guilty in full and acknowledged the offence". "No appeal was filed by the defense. The convicted person is serving his sentence", - the "court" reported.

The repeated accident at the main water conduit did not allow resuming the supply of water to three districts in the occupied territory of Luhansk oblast, separatist media wrote. "Because of another accident at the water main… on June 15, the situation with the water supply in the cities of Antratsyt, Krasnyi Luch, Petrovske and the settlements of the Perevalsky district remains tense. Experts of Luhanskvoda failed to restore the planned water supply to the above areas аor six days in a row", - the occupiers admitted.

More than 4.7 thousand subscribers were left without electricity in the occupied territory of Luhansk oblast due to accidents after the bad weather, separatist media wrote. "Due to adverse weather conditions, 2667 subscribers in Sverdlovsk, as well as 718 subscribers in the village of Biryukove, were left without electricity", - the report said. "In connection with a power line break at the intersection of Chapayeva and Michurina streets in Luhansk, the supply of electricity to 150 subscribers on the streets of Michurins and Alchevska was partially stopped", - the report specified. In addition, 372 subscribers of the villages of Teplychne, Shyshkove and Zemliane of the Slovianoserbsk district, as well as 649 residents of Velykyi Log and Verkhnia Krasnianka villages of the Krasnodon district and 199 Krasnodon subscribers, lack electricity.