"LNR" decides to let people pass through Stanytsia Luhanska checkpoint on unclear lists with "reasonable burden" 06/12/2020 15:48:52. Total views 565. Views today — 0.

The "LNR" occupiers have decided to let people pass through checkpoints on the contact line according to certain lists, the principle of which is not transparent. This is said in the "decree" of leader of the "LNR" Leonid Pasechnik, which was quoted by calling himself "Foreign Minister" Vladislav Danego.

Realizing that opening of the checkpoints by Ukraine while blocking the passage by the "LNR" militants puts the CALO leadership in an awkward position, the occupation authorities have proposed their own formula for crossing the contact line.

"To prevent the export of COVID-19 coronavirus, the passage through the demarcation line will be carried out according to pre-agreed lists and in quantities that do not exceed a reasonable burden on medical facilities. Lists for crossing the demarcation line will be formed daily, taking into account the presence of emergency circumstances", - the "decree" says.

How exactly these lists will be compiled, what is a "reasonable burden" and "emergency circumstances" is not specified.

To be included in the list, the occupation authorities suggest writing a request to an e-mail address or making a phone call. Moreover, there are no MTS numbers among the proposed numbers, but there are only numbers of the local illegal operator Lugakom. Thus, those who wish to return to the occupied territory from free Ukraine will not be able to get through and, accordingly, to sign up.