Khodakovsky acknowledged that the war in Donbass had been unleashed by "radical minority" 03/03/2016 23:36:59. Total views 1068. Views today — 0.

The so-called "ex-Secretary of the National Security Council of the DPR" Alexksnder Khodakovsky acknowledged that the war in Donbass had been unleashed by "radical minority". He stated this in an interview with Russkiy reporter, - reports Expert.

"The radical minority made up the whole situation and we all know that well. But now this minority is obstructed, removed from the power and political system. And those people, who we would rely on, are today in the category of people who have done their job and can leave,"- said Khodakovsky.

According to him, these individuals initiated all processes in the "DPR", but they "begin to erase them from the written sheet." The militants’ leader urged to avoid it, because otherwise they may be replaced by the "regionals".

"But what for to leave? In order to make room for others. For whom? Unfortunately, for people who have all the features of the Party of Regions, moreover, are from it, not ordinary people. The pattern of behaviour of the people in times of acute crisis, including the military one, is of serious concern. This model is absolutely similar to that which they have already demonstrated. That is, we are now losing support in the form of our assets - people of the first string - and it will be no one to rely on in times of exacerbation of our confrontation with Ukraine," - he said.

"We are disorienting people, depriving them of the activity, bringing into a state of apathy and indifference. We cannot allow this. It is nor about the risk of more serious than corruption and abuse of power that - the essence of the disease of any society, and it is possible tofight against then because the work of work of law enforcement normally develops. That is, we can manage that. The fact that we lose activists can be a major threat at any time," - added the militant.