Ministry of Social Policy to automatically receive information about crossing line of contact with CADLO by IDPs 05/28/2020 12:51:28. Total views 721. Views today — 0.

The Cabinet of Ministers has adopted a decision that will allow for the introduction of the computer-aided information exchange between the Ministry of Social Policy and the State Border Guard Service to obtain information about citizens of Ukraine, who crossed the state border of Ukraine or entered the temporarily occupied territories/left such territories. This decision was made at a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers today, - the Government Portal reports.

It is noted that such an exchange of information will allow the state to monitor compliance with the requirements of the law when determining the right of citizens to assign (receive) state payments, as well as to identify possible abuses or facts of providing false data, which leads to misuse of budget funds for these purposes.

It is noted that the relevant act provides that the exchange of electronic data between the information systems of the Ministry of Social Policy and the State Border Guard Service is carried out through the system of electronic interaction of state information resources in the manner defined by law. Until the relevant information systems are connected to the electronic interaction systems of state electronic information resources, the exchange will take place in the manner determined by the general decision of these bodies.

As previously reported, temporarily displaced persons (IDPs) receiving government payments, if they stay for more than 60 days outside the territory controlled by Ukraine, are deprived of these payments.