Ex-deputy commander of Prizrak Kostin ("August") killed in pre-trial detention center of occupied Luhansk - social networks 05/25/2020 15:30:49. Total views 716. Views today — 0.

Ex-deputy commander of the terrorist Prizrak Brigade Alexander Kostin ("August") was killed in a pre-trial detention center in occupied Luhansk on Sunday evening. This was written by calling himself "Cossack chieftain" A.Konkin in his VKontakte (Russian social network service - ed.).

"According to unreliable information, former battalion commander of Prizrak Alexander Kostin ("August") was killed in the Luhansk pre-trial detention center along the 23th Line Street 4 today (on Sunday - OstroV) at night.

Later, another version of death of the "LNR" militant convicted of banditry appeared on the Insider Luhansk channel in Telegram.

"August" was placed in solitary confinement because of quarantine. He was an unhealthy person - he had diabetes and received no treatment at his jail. According to reports, he recently had 2 heart attacks. He had another attack yesterday, as a result of which he died", - the report said.

As previously reported, in February 2020, the "LNR" fake court sentenced deputy commander of the terrorist Prizrak Brigade Alexander Kostin ("August") to 14 years in prison for "serious crimes, including murder and infliction of grave bodily injuries, including to a woman and a child, grand robbery and hijacking of means of transport".

Being the member of a gang of militants under the leadership of the Prizrak commander Aleksey Mozgovoy, he shot a car in which a family of the Luhansk businessman Burykin was and looted property belonging to the victims of the attack. The head of the family and his wife were killed and their daughter was seriously injured.