Sabotage! Finance Committee not meeting to review anti-Kolomoyskyi law 03/30/2020 15:34:35. Total views 697. Views today — 0.

The Committee on Finance, Taxation and Customs Policy, which is due consider "anti- Kolomoyskyi" bill No.3260 in the morning of March 30, was postponed to 13.00 because of the lack of quorum. This was reported by people's deputy of the Servant of the People faction Yehor Cherniev and deputy of the Voice faction Yaroslav Zhelezniak.

"Consideration of the law on banks in the Committee on Finance, Taxation and Customs Policy is blocked. There is no quorum. The meeting is not closed for now. It was postponed to 13.00", - Cherniev wrote.

He specified that the following deputies did not appear at the meeting for unknown reasons:

Abramovich I. (OPFL)

Kholodov A. (Servant of the People)

Palytsia I. (For the future)

Nikolayenko A. (Batkivshchyna)

Riepina E. (SP)

Hereha O. (For the future)

Leonov O. (SP)

Ustenko O. (SP)

Volodina D. (SP)

Kazak T. (OPFL)

Kulinich O. (Dovіra)

Liashenko A. (SP)

Solod Yu. (OPFL)

Yuzhanina N. (ES)

Vasilchenko I. (Voice, in the hospital).

The presented bill makes it impossible to return the nationalized banks to former owners, including PrivatBank. Adoption of this law is the main requirement for Ukraine to receive the IMF financial assistance.