Five people injured in explosion at illegal coalmine in CADO 02/20/2020 15:04:15. Total views 1009. Views today — 2.

Five people were injured as a result of methane-air mixture at the "private mine" in occupied Shakhtarsk on February 19. This was reported by the press service of the so-called "Ministry of Emergency Situations", operating in a part of the Donetsk oblast controlled by the militants.

"Shakhtarsk, Pervomaiskaya St., Ogloda sole proprietorship, a 700 m deep excavation, a slope of 180 – due to careless handling of fire when smoking, five employees of the sole proprietorship, while in the mine, received burns of various degrees of severity from a burst of methane-air mixture", - the report said.

The affected: born in 1976, born in 2000, born in 1983, born in 1977 and born in 1980, they came to the surface on their own. They were hospitalized in the city medical institution.

It was repeatedly reported earlier that many organizers of illegal coal mines were ardent supporters of the so-called "DNR". The occupation authorities called illegal coal mines "mining partnerships" and gave the go-ahead for work. The media wrote that coal from illegal coal mines in the occupied territory goes to the needs of public institutions.

Another state of emergency showed that no safety regulation is observed here.