Patriotic package from Marinka sent to occupied Donetsk with the help of balloons 01/28/2020 16:11:11. Total views 717. Views today — 0.

Volunteers from Marinka have sent a patriotic package to the occupied Donetsk with the help of balloons, - Espreso.TV reports.

The package contains postcards, calendars and information posters. This way, the volunteers remind residents of the occupied territories that Ukraine has not forgotten about them.

"We have been engaged in information activities almost from the very beginning of the war. The main goal is to support our patriots who live in the occupation. We monitor the weather forecast and wind direction to make the delivery more accurate", - volunteer Vlad Boroda says.

Money for printing the leaflets is transferred by IDPs, military and patriots from CADLO. There are about 2500 postcards and calendars with children's drawings in one box.