Occupied Donetsk may be left without municipal transport: there are no drivers due to low salaries 01/27/2020 13:00:30. Total views 910. Views today — 0.

Occupied Donetsk may be left without municipal transport: equipment ran its course, hundreds of specialists are leaving Donelektroavtotrans due to the low salaries. This is reported by one of the separatist television channels.

This company transported more than 80 million passengers in 2019, but half of them were beneficiaries. There is a crowding in trolleybuses and trams at rush hour. In Donelektroavtotrans say that the problem is that there is an acute shortage of drivers to carry out the planned number of trips.

The employees leave due to the low salaries: 800 people have been laid off over the past two years.

The local Donelektroavtotrans enterprise is not able to raise salaries, as the current fares for travel cover only 17% of all expenses. The management of Donelektroavtotrans offers to increase the cost of a one-way ticket to six Russian rubles.