Accused of separatism Shtepa announces her intention to run for mayor of Sloviansk 01/24/2020 14:44:41. Total views 658. Views today — 0.

Ex-mayor of Sloviansk Nelya Shtepa, who is accused of encroaching on the territorial integrity of Ukraine and the creation of a terrorist group, intends to run in the local elections. She said this on the air of the S-plus local television channel.

"Those who hope today that I will be detained, and I will not be able to submit my candidacy for the mayor's election, - relax. I will file, I will be in time, they will not detain me, because this article is unconstitutional… I do no illegal actions, I do not use drugs, I do not drink, I do not smoke, I lead a moral lifestyle, I live alone. I am married only to Sloviansk", - Shtepa stated.

Nelya Shtepa was detained on July 11, 2014. She is accused of encroaching on the territorial integrity and inviolability of Ukraine, resulting in the loss of life, and in the creation of a terrorist group or organization. In addition, she was charged with calls for changing the borders of Ukraine, promoting a pseudo-referendum on the separation of the Donetsk oblast from Ukraine, creating conditions for the activities of terrorist groups and organizations.

Earlier, the European Court had ruled that Ukraine violated Shtepa's right to a trial "within a reasonable time" or release pending trial. The court finds that the criminal proceedings were too long. The ECHR also recognized a violation of Shtepa's right to a fair trial.