Cabinet of Ministers names five reasons for sudden lack of money in budget 12/20/2019 17:04:49. Total views 661. Views today — 0.

Finance Minister Oksana Markarova has stated about five reasons for the hole in the treasury and suspended payments. This is reported by Depo.ua.

According to the Minister of Finance, there are five factors for reducing budget revenue.

1. VAT on imported to Ukraine goods fell.

2. The hryvnia's exchange rate against foreign currencies strengthened more than it was budgeted.

3. The price of gas, which is decreasing. There are less customs duties from the customs clearance of cheaper gas.

4. The rent for hydrocarbons production has decreased - 11 billion hryvnias have been short-received.

5. Money from tobacco excise duties have been short-received.

Oksana Markarova also reported that the departments start spending more at the end of the month to spend the budget allocated to them till the year's end.

"Therefore, the government has partially blocked these expenditures and checks their appropriateness. All important expenditures will be spent", - the head of the Ministry of Finance stated.

According to her, all the protected budget items are paid "on a same day basis", and "temporary suspension of financing" of the unprotected items may take place.

As previously reported, Honcharuk instructed Markarova to block the financing of a number of budget programs.