Representatives of the "Right Sector" blocked the supply of electricity of one of the lines in the annexed Crimea 12/07/2015 15:59:06. Total views 1207. Views today — 0.

Activists of the "Right Sector", who blocked the electricity supply to Crimea, disrupted the attempt of the Ukrenergo workers to restore power in occupied Crimea on the power transmission line Kakhovskaya-Titan. The commander of   the "Right Sector" Ukrainian Volunteer Corps Andrey Stempitskyi reported about that on Facebook.

"I was informed by the Operational Headquarters about the current situation of the blockade of Crimea. Our three operating groups under the supervision of friend "Hummer" - Deputy Chief of OH - did not allow connection of power transmission to the Titan. Electricity is not supplied to Crimea, although, as it turned out, there were agreements on the supply yesterday", - wrote he.

According to him, "trade of principles is unworthy and trade with the occupier is a crime".

As previously reported, the "Right Sector" reported that on Sunday night Ukrenergo workers came to fallen electric transmission poles and tried to prepare the line for the launch of electricity. However, they only managed to install the fuses.