National Bank states that Kolomoyskyi puts deliberate pressure on NBU 11/27/2019 11:55:38. Total views 905. Views today — 0.

The Board of the National Bank states pressure that oligarch Ihor Kolomoyskyi is putting on the regulator. This is said in the message of the NBU board on Facebook.

"The focused attack on the National Bank in the form of ordered speculation and slander in the media, paid rallies near the NBU walls and even attempts of "titushky" to forcefully invade the NBU building continue for several weeks. We believe that oligarch and ex-owner of PrivatBank Ihor Kolomoyskyi, who owed $5.5 billion to the state, withdrawn from PrivatBank before the nationalization, put this pressure on the National Bank. At the same time, the state - the President, the Government and the National Bank - are united by a common position that the funds must be returned", - the statement said.

The NBU believes that the purpose of the attack is to create controlled information chaos in order to: discredit the NBU and the reform to clean up the banking sector, change leadership and resort to manual control of the NBU in the future; avoid liability and the need to return the funds withdrawn from PrivatBank to the state; hinder Ukraine's cooperation with international partners, especially with the IMF, which supports the state's position, the former owners of the bankrupt banks should return funds to the state.

As previously reported, over the past two weeks, a group of people have been holding a rally near the National Bank, the main requirement of which is to appreciate the Ukrainian currency to 27 hryvnias per dollar and resign the current NBU leadership.