Unknown shot at the mayor of Belozersk at night 02/24/2016 15:39:22. Total views 1050. Views today — 0.

Unknown shot with a firearm at mayor of Belozersk in Donetsk region Sergey Makeyev. A source in law enforcement agency informed about that.

According to him, the mayor was not hurt, but in the morning a group of people in balaclava, who introduced as the soldiers of the Azov battalion, broke in a meeting of city council committee and blew it by starting a fight.

According to the city council employees, among the attackers there were, in fact, no locals, that’s why it was extremely difficult to predict their requirements.

Sergey Makeyev confirmed information about shooting and fighting in the city council in his conversation with OstroV. The mayor promised to comment on the incident later. According to him, the law enforcement agencies are involved in verification of his statement.