Without returning… Prystaiko tells how displaced persons will be able to vote in Donbass elections 11/18/2019 12:07:18. Total views 949. Views today — 0.

It is possible to apply electronic or remote voting in local elections in the Donbass for temporarily displaced persons. This was told by Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Vadym Prystayko in an interview with RBC-Ukraine.

Prystaiko believes, "the longer we discuss in theory, not looking for ways to count the people who stayed there, or ensure the displaced people voting and other issues, the longer the elections will not be held".

"I want the experts to get together and say: this situation is not ordinary or prescribed in the procedures, but, understanding the specifics, we have already begun to come up with such and such proposals. We, as the MFA, are working on this, but we are not experts in holding the elections", - he noted.

Prystaiko stated that the CEC should deal with the issue of holding elections in the Donbass.

"We have the Central Election Commission. Instead of telling us for the tenth time why this is impossible, these people should say: we sat down, talked, this can be done, this is harder, this is impossible. In order in the end, we came to fair and transparent elections, the greatest possible in this situation. Then the OSCE says: the elections meet or do not meet the expectations of people who voted", - he told.

The Minister admitted that electronic or remote voting can be applied for the participation of displaced persons in the elections in CADLO.

"I would like everyone to take part in them, including the displaced persons. Perhaps, they need to use electronic or remote voting. How to take, purely logistic, two million people and return them? Where to return, if their houses are destroyed? Do they really want to come back? And those who have left for Russia, Belarus or Europe to earn money, will we return them one by one? The easiest way is to hide behind the instructions and procedures, saying that all this is impossible and waiting until it somehow will be somehow decided", - he added.

Earlier, Advisor to the Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Serhiy Syvokho stated that the Ukrainian party was taking measurements of electoral mood in the occupied territories of Donbass. At the same time, he did not comment on how they managed to interview the residents of the occupied areas.