The new transmitter "jammed" "occupation channel" in villages of Maryenka area 02/23/2016 11:22:15. Total views 1006. Views today — 0.

Newly installed transmission technology provides villages in Maryenka area with a signal of the Donetsk regional television, - reports the press service of the Ministry of Information Policy.

The monitoring mission of the Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine visited a village not far from Maryenka, Donetsk region - Elizavetovka. As the situation worsened near Maryenka, military operations are conducted by the aggressor state, adviser to the Minister on the operation of broadcasting Alexander Briginets analyzed Ukrainian broadcasting in the village together with local authorities.

Head of the village Leonid Cherednichenko assured the adviser that in Elizavetovka, beside broadcast television, Ukrainian media dominate - more than half of families have cable, exclusively Ukrainian, television. T-2 Ukrainian digital terrestrial television is also popular. Leonid Cherednichenko said that establishment of the transmission technology in their area resumed broadcasting of the Donetsk regional television, which is very important for the local population.

According to the results of the analysis in Elizavetovka Alexander Briginets said: "After installing the transmitter, there was so-called jamming of the signal of one of the occupying TV channels that is broadcast on a frequency which is allocated by the National Council of Ukraine on Television and Radio Broadcasting for the Donetsk regional TRC. Therefore, now the pro-Russian TV channel stopped broadcasting and regional TV is broadcast instead. "

It is noted that recently to fulfil the decision of the Commission on stable operation of the national television and radio broadcasting during under MIO, a new transmission technology was installed in Elizavetovka which provides villages nearby with a signal of the Donetsk regional television.