The “DPR” created its own Day of St. George Ribbon in contrast to the Day of Armed Forces of Ukraine. State employees are forced to attend the meeting 12/07/2015 13:25:00. Total views 1165. Views today — 0.

The authorities of the so-called “DPR” try to impose on the residents of the occupied territories a new holiday – the Day of St. George Ribbon. Dan separatist website informs about that.

The report notes that self-proclaimed first deputy head of the executive committee of the Donetsk Republic public movement Andrey Kramar openly admitted at the hastily summoned meeting that the new "holiday" is introduced in contrast to celebrated in Ukraine Day of Armed Forces.

"Today Ukraine is celebrating the Day of Armed Forces. This is done on purpose, so that our young Republic has in addition to traditional holidays also new, such as the Day of St. George Ribbon", - he said.

As OstroV was informed by Donetsk residents state had to order a certain amount of their employees to join the unplanned meeting in the Shcherbakov park.