Free elections in CADLO can be held only in free environment and according to Ukrainian laws - Lajčák 09/17/2019 16:27:03. Total views 951. Views today — 0.

OSCE Chairperson-in-Office, Slovakian Foreign Minister Miroslav Lajčák believes that free elections in CADLO can be held only in a free environment and in accordance with Ukrainian laws. He stated this in an interview with BBC Ukraine.

When asked whether he believes in free elections in Donbass under the control of the occupation authorities according to Ukrainian law, he replied: "I think that free elections can only be held in a free environment, and of course, according to Ukrainian laws and under the supervision of international observers - the OSCE, other international organizations, that is, in the system of Ukrainian jurisdiction. Only after we reach such a situation, we can organize the elections and call them free".

According to him, "the parties should agree on specific details".

"Since the Donbass is the territory of Ukraine, I consider it legitimate that elections can be organized only in such an environment when the Ukrainian authorities and Ukrainian government will say that there is an atmosphere, preconditions for free elections. Today there is no such situation", - he noted.