"DNR" militant, whom court released under home arrest, found dead in Mariupol 09/16/2019 17:09:49. Total views 672. Views today — 0.

One of the "DNR" militants, whom the court released on September 9 under home arrest, was found dead in Mariupol on Monday, September 16. This is reported by LB.ua with reference to sources in law-enforcement agencies.

Militant Dzhulayev was found shot dead on a landing in the entrance of a multi-story residential building.

Earlier, on September 9, activist Alexey Lipridi reported on Facebook that the Mariupol court released two militants from the pre-trial detention center – Dzhulayev and Kostenko.

Roman Dzhulayev fought in the Pyatnashka Battalion. He was detained in September 2017. He was released under home arrest In May 2018. He was detained again in December, but already because he resisted when his illegal kiosk was seized. Dzhulayev left the pre-trial detention center under home arrest in September 2019 again.

Kostenko fought as a grenade launcher operator in the so-called "Republican Guard". He was detained in July 2018. He was released on bail in the amount of $6200.