Local separatists in occupied Gorlovka begin to resent the appointment of "outsider" "mayors" 02/19/2016 23:25:14. Total views 1091. Views today — 0.

Local separatists in occupied Gorlovka begin to resent the appointment of "outsider" "mayors", - reports Gorlovka.ua.

Stanislav Kim has recently become "acting mayor " of Gorlovka, he lived all his life in Dnepropetrovsk, but at the beginning of the "Russian Spring" he supported the "DPR". The "post" was previously held by Roman Khramenkov, resident of Yenakiyevo.

"Local "DNR" residents, who were in the past in the ranks of the Ukrainian political parties and elected in their lists to the City Council, raise questions at the meetings that they are tired to work with mayors, appointed by decree of the head of the "DPR" Alexander Zakharchenko and are not natives of Gorlovka," – reports the website.

So, Free Donbass public movement, that is trying to compete with the organization "Donetsk Republic", protected by the leader of the "DPR" Alexander Zakharchenko, raised the issue that Gorlovka needed "mayors" who "were born and live here but not strangers" the other day at their meeting.

"We have such a great city, everywhere they write Gorlovka is a hero city. We have so many chemists, metallurgists, miners. Why don’t we have "mayor" who is a representative of our city? Why do we bring them from Yenakiyevo, from Kiev, from somewhere else,"- asked the woman at the meeting of the Free Donbass public movement, which is headed by Oleg Gubanov in Gorlovka, close to the ex-leader of the Gorlovka group "DPR" Igor Bezler. Gubanov is former acting head of the City Council, at the time deputy elected from the Silnaya Ukraina party.

Besides Gubanov, there is another "defector" in Free Donbass - the owner of the Bermuda nightclub Yuriy Krikulenko (known as Benya), who in 2010 was elected to the city council from the party Yedinyi Tsentr of Viktor Baloga, and after the "Russian spring "in Donbas became a deputy of the so-called "DPR".

Igor Tolkachev (former city council member from the Party of Regions, and now - the head of Kalinin "district administration" obeying the "DPR") and Tatyana Demchenko (one of the organizers and all the leading pro-Russian demontsration in the spring of 2014) were also in the "meeting penal".

Answering the woman’s question, Krikulenko said that "now such tactics as appointing "mayor" is used. "Mayors" who work in our city, representatives of the "Donetsk Republic", who were deputies in the parliament of the "DPR" and they are appointed by the head. At the moment there is no other mechanism. There will be elections, they change, the date cannot yet be accurate. I think that this question will be considered in the elections, and I think that Gorlovka residents as "mayor" candidates will participate and you will have the opportunity to elect the one whom you consider necessary. It will be approximately in September,"- said Krikulenko.

The head of the Free of Donbass Oleg Gubanov added.

"You have to understand that it is a transition period now and, in principle, "the head of state" needs to make decisions, it is his competence, and at the election you will elect the one you want. But in the transition period, you should understand, we need a strict discipline. Why does the "head" make such a decision? This is his competence, he is responsible for this,"- said Gubanov.