Passengers of over 400 car spent the night in the field in front of the checkpoint in Donetsk region. Many are going to spend the second night like that 02/19/2016 22:23:29. Total views 962. Views today — 0.

Passengers of over 400 car spent the night in the field in front of the checkpoint in Donetsk region, - reports the Donbass SOS.

In connection with the escalation of the situation, work of Zaytsevo and Maryenka checkpoints was suspended. Traffic on routes Gorlovka - Bakhmut (Artemovsk) and Donetsk - Kurakhovo is blocked.

In Mariupol direction at Novotroitskoye checkpoint towards Mariupol the queue is over 3 km at the zero post, in the direction of Donetsk it ends behind Parallel petrol station. Movement is slow, but it is. About 300 cars spent the night at the Perlyna.

The queue is over 2 kilometers at the Elenovska post towards Mariupol, traffic moves relatively good compared with yesterday. "In front of the two posts (Novotroitskaye and Elenovska) people stayed overnight, some spent 2 nights in a row, first to first checkpoint and then to the second one. Average travel time in that direction is 26-30 hours," - said the statement.

At Pishchevik checkpoint towards Mariupol there are about 100 cars, in the direction of Novoazovsk - 80, the queue moves. At the post of the self-proclaimed "DPR" in October the queue in Mariupol direction began in neighboring Kulikovo - more than 150 cars. Movement was slow, people stayed overnight - more than 100 cars.

There is no privileged queue. There is no pedestrian crossing.

Users of social networks comment on the situation as follows:

#‎Волноваха ‪#‎Новотроицкое ‪#‎Перлына

- We stayed overnight at the Perlyna. In front of us there are 120 cars and behind for sure, 100 cars, then – we didn’t count.

- Novotroitskoye checkpoint. Overnight. The car queue is until the end of the bridge and another 300 meters on the rise

- It took one hour to pass Elenovka, but we had been waiting since nine pm! Now in line for Novotroitskoye, the queue is a nightmare. We didn’t reach Perlyna, queue on the road! To Novotroitskoye we are 493rd

- In the direction of Donetsk at Novotroitskoye the queue is behind Parallel petrol station. Tail is no longer visible.

- At Elenovka it is ok. Perlyna is about 1,000 vehicles. It was an hour ago


- Queue is to the church. Compared with yesterday's horror it’s not much

- Perlyna, the queue is 3 km today. We are standing on the DPR side, the beginning of the queue is not visible

- Drove to Parallel (in Donetsk) at 9:53 am, am now on the bridge (at the lowest point).

- At Perlyna neither the beginning of the queue nor its end can be seen. Half an hour ago the UN car passed.

- Privileged or someone pass a lot!

- Cars at Elenovka, in the direction of Mariupol, move, movement interval is up to 10 minutes. I arrived at 6:45 on GMT + 3. For 2.45 I traveled 1.3 km in GPS. 700 meters are left

#‎Пищевик ‪#‎Гнутово

- At the post of the DPR it is a nightmare. Yesterday arrived in Kulikovo at 11 and were 231, stayed overnight. We are the 7th in the queue, all the people try to avoid the queue. Shouts since 6 am, they began to work almost half an hour later, but today, it seems faster than yesterday

- To Mariupol - from the middle of Kulikov. The traffic is very slow

- In the direction of Donetsk from Mariupol at Pishchevik there are about 150-180 cars before the Ukrainian roadblock

- The queue is through Kulikovo village, moving slowly, more than 100 cars stayed overnight, there are no communications.

- Were 50 to leave, only managed to get to the Ukrainian checkpoint, there is also a queue

- Yesterday arrived in Kulikovo at 11 and were 231st, stayed overnight, in the morning we were the 10th

- We passed Pishchevik roadblock in the direction of Donetsk for 1.5-2 hours. In the queue we were 30th. Now I am standing in front of the DPR roadblock - 20-30 cars.

- At Oktyabr the queue is huge! People control blocked the counter. They don’t let even the disabled and with kids to pass.

- At Maryek 100 -110 cars