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In the area of ​​the Joint Forces Operation on September 4, the armed forces of the Russian Federation and its mercenaries violated the ceasefire 5 times, - the press center of the JFO headquarters reported. The enemy fired at the positions of the Joint Forces units from weapons prohibited by the Minsk agreements - 120 mm mortars. In addition, the occupiers fired from 82 mm mortars, IFV armament, grenade launchers of various systems, heavy machine guns and small arms. Four members of the Joint Forces were injured as a result of the enemy shelling.

The curfew in the occupied part of Donetsk oblast will be suspended from September 7 to 8. This was stated in the "order" of the "DNR" leader Denis Pushilin. "Suspend the curfew on the territory of the DNR from 11:00 p.m. September 7 to 04:00 a.m. September 8, 2019", - he ordered. The reason for the temporary cancellation of the curfew was not called. September 8 is the Day of the liberation of Donbass from Nazi invaders.

A mine employee died as a result of explosion at the Skochinsky mine in occupied Donetsk. The cause of the explosion in occupied Donetsk was detonation of explosives, - reported the so-called "Ministry of Coal Industry", operating in the militants-controlled part of the Donetsk oblast. "There was an explosion of the unknown object in the territory adjacent to the industrial site of the surface complex of the Skochinsky coal mine on September 4 at 9:27. As a result, an employee of the mine, born in 1964, died", - the report said. It was noted that the explosion did not affect the operation of the coal mining enterprise. The Skochinsky coal mine works as usual. Earlier, the Donetsk residents wrote about a loud explosion that thundered in the city. At the moment, the cause of the explosion in social networks is also called detonation of mine explosives: "There was an explosion at the Skochinsky mine, the plant is without glass, they gave out explosives from the mine to the surface and it exploded", "A half-car of explosives exploded on the surface (the Skochinsky mine), the reasons are being clarified".

A house of the so-called "DNR" "MIA head" Alexey Dikiy burned down in occupied Yasynuvata. This was reported on the page of the Come back alive charity fund on Facebook. According to the volunteers, the video was shot by the military before the announcement of the next truce in the Donbass. "The house of "head of the MIA" of the so-called "DNR" Alexey Dikiy burned down right in the middle of temporarily occupied Yasynuvata. Usually the occupiers blame the Ukrainian sabotage-reconnaissance groups for all their troubles, but not this time. They did not expect such impudence, therefore they decided to keep silent on this fact altogether", - the report said.

The "government" of the so-called "LNR" adopted a "decree" on the provisional procedure for registering persons arriving for "permanent residence" in the fake "pension fund" of the "LNR", -separatist media wrote. This so-called "order" establishes a mechanism for submission and execution of documents for registration of persons who have arrived for permanent residence in the "republic" in the bodies of the "LNR" pension fund, establishes the categories of persons registered in the "LNR PF" bodies, as well as list of documents required for this.

In occupied Rovenky, head of the coal mining section Alexander Selishchev, born in 1982, died as a result of collapse of roof rocks at the mine site of the structural unit of Rovenkyantratsyt, - separatist media wrote. The cause of death was the collapse of the roof rocks.