112 Ukraine refuses to show Oliver Stone's propaganda film The Untold Story of Ukraine 07/15/2019 13:44:05. Total views 1122. Views today — 0.

The 112 Ukraine TV channel cancels the screening of Oliver Stone's propaganda documentary The Untold History of Ukraine, the main characters of which are Vladimir Putin and Viktor Medvedchuk. This is stated in the channel's message.

It is noted that the film was taken off the air on the recommendation of the International Editorial Board and, as it was reported by the channel itself, "taking into account… the inability to fully protect the rights of journalists in the event of sanctions against the TV channel".

The management of the channel appealed to the SBU, PGOU and MIA, as well as to the embassies of the G7 countries and international organizations with a request to take measures in order to avoid any illegal actions against the channel and its employees.

As previously reported, the film was scheduled to be shown on 112 Ukraine on July 16. According to the information of Detektor Media, it allegedly sets out the history of Ukraine since 2003. The Russian-Ukrainian war is called civil. Russia in this film is not depicted as the aggressor country, the director supports the Russian version of the events in Ukraine in 2014 as a coup inspired from the outside.