Mayor explains to residents of Mariupol: if they do not vote for Opposition Bloc, they will remain without Disneyland 07/11/2019 12:56:05. Total views 878. Views today — 0.

In order for the Disneyland, Aquapark and new embankment to be built in Mariupol, city residents must vote for the Opposition Bloc in the early parliamentary election. Mayor of the city and candidate for people's deputies according to the lists of the Opposition Bloc Vadym Boychenko stated this via the local media.

In particular, the website of the city of Mariupol posted a statement by the mayor without the mark "Political Advertising", but with the note "Reliable source" that "the large-scale projects will be implemented in Mariupol during the period of 10 years – such as Aquapark and Disneyland, there will be a new embankment".

But at the same time, the mayor unequivocally states that these "ambitious plans to turn the city near the sea into a full-fledged tourist center of the East of Ukraine" will be realized only if "representatives of Mariupol go to the Verkhovna Rada".

"We (the Opposition Bloc - OstroV) must go to the Verkhovna Rada in order for decentralization to reach the city of Mariupol and us to have a financial resource for the implementation of all our ambitious projects", - local media quote Boychenko.

According to the mayor, "the only way for Mariupol's voice to be heard is to vote for the Opposition Bloc party.