Pasechnik informs Zelensky that he agrees to return "LNR" to Ukraine on terms of "special status" 07/03/2019 16:50:13. Total views 938. Views today — 1.

Leader of the "LNR" Leonid Pasechnik actually admitted that he was ready to return the "republics" under the control of the legitimate Ukrainian government, provided that it was given a certain "special status". He wrote this on his page in the Twitter microblogging network.

Pasechnik reported that he supported the action #ZelenskyRecognizetheChoiceofDonbass.

"I joined the action and I urge every citizen of Donbass to put his photo on the website! I am convinced that in such a purely peaceful way, we will achieve the end to the war, fulfillment of the Minsk Agreements by Kyiv (first of all, special status) and recognizing the right of Donbass to integrate with the Russian Federation", - the "LNR" head stated.

As previously reported, the occupation of the "DNR" posted on social network by a video clip of a Horlivka schoolgirl, who allegedly, on her own initiative, appealed to Volodymyr Zelensky to stop the war in the Donbass by granting CADLO "language and economic autonomy".

Similar videos began to appear in support of this appeal, then a special website was created, where everyone willingly voted for the idea of ​​"broad autonomy for Donbass". This project was approved by a number of the "DNR" leaders and representatives of the occupation media. The plan to return to Ukraine is presented to the population of the occupied territories as implementation of the Minsk agreements. Allegedly, according to these agreements, the Donbass is finally separated from Ukraine and gets a real opportunity to join Russia.

Over time, the initial content of the appeal to the President of Ukraine with the requirements of "autonomy" was changed to "special status".

In reality, the Minsk agreements, to which Pasechnik appeals, first of all, provide for the restoration of the territorial integrity of Ukraine by providing the temporarily occupied territories of Donbass with the status of "areas with a special order of local self-government". There is no talk about any "autonomy of Donbass". Under all the documents signed in Minsk, there are signatures, including of the puppet "DNR/LNR" leaders. Such concepts like the "DNR" or "LNR", as well as the names of any positions of "heads of republics", do not appear in the Minsk documents at all.