CADO residents not allowed to local resort without "migration card" 06/03/2019 12:16:53. Total views 705. Views today — 0.

In order to visit local resort in the occupied village of Siedove, residents of CADO are obliged to fill out a "migration card", - separatist media report.

"To enter the village, you must fill out a migration card with your identity documents. Last year, almost 60 000 vacationers had to do this", - the report said.

Head of the occupation administration of the Novoazovsk district Oleg Morgun stated that the checkpoint was created, where "people in queues will feel themselves more or less comfortable". "Unfortunately, the queues will still be", - he said.

The village of Siedove and city of Novoazovsk were turned into a closed zone by the "DNR" militants. Entry of vacationers is carried out after a rigorous inspection. The "DNR" leader Denis Pushilin explained such actions of the occupation authorities as a "constant terrorist threat" in the resort area.