Night Wolves will not pass. Border guards boost security measures on eve of May 9 05/08/2019 15:35:40. Total views 712. Views today — 1.

The State Border Guard Service of Ukraine has increased the security measures at the border on the eve of May 9, - the press service of the department reports.

"The measures are being held to prevent the importation into Ukraine of weaponry, ammunition, explosives and other means of terror, as well as the entry into Ukraine or transit of people with separatist and extremist sentiments that could destabilize the situation in the country", - the report said.

It is clarified that, in particular, this also applies to bikers belonging to the Night Wolves biker movement.

The security measures are taking place based on the analysis and experience from the previous years, given that in 2017-2018, such attempts took place on the part of members of the Night Wolves Russian motorcycle club and their adherents from the so-called "DNR/LNR" – the Night Wolves. Donbass motorcycle club, which was sent on the eve of May 9 under the general slogan of the "Victory Roads – to Berlin-2018" cross-country motorcycle race.

No organized biker gangs or even single motorcyclists-provokers crossed the state border during the Easter and May holidays.

However, attempts by individual representatives of the mentioned clubs to enter the territory of Ukraine alone or in small groups under the guise of mototourists and carry out provocative actions are not excluded, what, in turn, can lead to the conflict between representatives of the said organization and public-spirited residents of the Ukrainian borderland, and can be used by the Russian media to create an appropriate information "picture", - the press-service noted.

In this regard, in case of arrival of foreigners at the checkpoints (primarily moving by motorcycles), who are aggressively disposed towards the state of Ukraine, will express dissatisfaction with the Ukrainian authorities, have Russian flags, pro-Russian symbols, St. George ribbons or materials of the propaganda nature, the decision regarding the non-admission of such persons (groups) to Ukraine will be accepted, if there are legal grounds, these persons (groups) will be prohibited from entering Ukraine in accordance with the procedure established by law.