Ukrainian Vodafone completely disconnected in occupied part of Donetsk oblast 04/26/2019 16:45:17. Total views 1999. Views today — 0.

Vodafone Ukrainian mobile operator completely stopped working in the occupied part of Donetsk oblast. This is stated in the report of the so-called "Ministry of Communications of the DNR".

"The #Vodafone network does not work. There is no transport in all directions. The reasons are being investigated", - the report says.

The complete lack of communication of the Ukrainian operator in the occupied territories of Donetsk oblast is confirmed by local residents. "MTS (Vodafone) has died. It does not work. The authors of the question "Why do you need a fascist connection - butt out in advance", - they write on social networks.

In addition, residents of the occupied Donbass report on the unstable work of the Phoenix separatist mobile operator. "Phoenix has bad connection - SMS about the call are delivered, but it is possible to get through after 3-4 attempts", - the subscribers complain.

As previously reported, under the leadership of Viktor Yatsenko, who calls himself "Minister of Communications", the equipment of Kyivstar and Lifecell Ukrainian mobile operators was looted. The work of the separatist Phoenix mobile network was organized on their technical basis. After mobile communication of Vodafone (MTS) was disconnected on January 11 throughout the occupied territory of Donbass, Phoenix became almost a monopolist, having increased its subscriber base to a million of users. At the same time, its functionality is limited to the occupied territory of Donetsk oblast and, under the conditions of the influx of users, it works "half the time".

The work of the MTS Ukrainian operator has improved over time, but the connection is not always stable and it is often becomes completely disconnected. The occupation authorities insist that Ukraine pay for the operation of the Vodafone mobile operator.