Deputy Head of the ATO called on civilians under occupation to explain the "bandits, who can shoot" that they shouldn’t fire at checkpoints 02/15/2016 21:32:37. Total views 1159. Views today — 0.

Work of the Maryenka checkpoint can be suspended at any time. This was announced by deputy head of the ATO Anatoliy Kravchuk, calling on people, who were forced to stay on the occupied territory, to protest.

Earlier work of the checkpoint on Saturday was suspended because of the constant shelling. Kravchuk noted that the situation near Maryenka checkpoint was very complicated today because of militants’ attack who fire not at military infrastructure but infrastructure connected with crossing the demarcation line of by civilians.

"Therefore, addressing to civilians, I want to askthem either to protest, or in some other way - because I understand how difficult it is to protest when there are inadequate bandits who can shoot. Still you have "mayors" or other representatives of the "authorities", explain to them that they should stop firing at checkpoints. Otherwise, we will have to close them. If we close, then all the problems of crossing the border will be your burden,"- said Kravchuk.

At the moment, work of the checkpoint is in a standby mode but it can be suspended at any time, if the head of the ATO considers that there is a threat to life and health of civilians.

At the same time, Kravchuk said that he understood that people were forced to cross the demarcation line out of the bare necessities of life.