Zelensky wants to reach out residents of occupied Donbass: explain that they are Ukrainians and pay pensions 04/08/2019 10:27:20. Total views 608. Views today — 2.

Ukrainian presidential candidate Volodymyr Zelensky has told about his plan of de-occupation of Donbass by peaceful means. He voiced his position on the air of Ukraine television and radio broadcasting company.

According to him, residents of the occupied territories should be explained that the false propaganda has engrafted the idea in their mind that they have been rejected by Ukraine.

He is convinced that in order to overcome the consequences of the split between Ukrainians living in the occupation zone and on the free territory, it is necessary to restore the social and economic ties between them. In particular, it is necessary to resume the payment of pensions in the "DNR/LNR".

"It is not easy to give them a hand, not just to promise, but to resume this relationship. To start paying pensions to people. Pensions to people who live there. They are Ukrainians as well. To tell them: "Guys, you were just pitched a line - this is all information war", - the presidential candidate summarized.