Poroshenko invites Zelensky to stadium and specifies a date for debate 04/08/2019 09:43:37. Total views 630. Views today — 0.

Presidential candidate Petro Poroshenko has invited his rival in the second round of presidential election to the debate on the NSK Olimpiyskiy on April 14. He stated this on Sunday on the air of Ukraine television and radio broadcasting company.

According to him, Volodymyr Zelensky himself proposed such a format of debate, so he agreed. P.Poroshenko specified a date and invited his opponent.

"Mr. Zelensky suggested the stadium. I am convinced that the stadium is not the best place to hold such a discussion. But if he chose it and refuses to hold the debate somewhere else, then I wait him on April 14 at the republican stadium, which Mr. Zelensky suggested", - Poroshenko stated.

"I think 19 or 20:00 will be the optimal time. I invite the audience, all channels, so that the debate will be held in place and in time, as Mr. Zelensky wanted, and not allow him to evade his proposal. It will be irresponsible in relation to the country and voters", - he added.