Militants fire at Marinka checkpoint: Ukrainian border guard wounded, checkpoint closed 04/05/2019 17:11:16. Total views 763. Views today — 0.

The "DNR" militants fired at the Marinka checkpoint, having wounded a Ukrainian border guard. This is reported by Speaker of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine Oleh Slobodian.

He notes that the defender of Ukraine received a bullet wound, and the control point is currently temporarily closed.

"Another shelling of the Marinka checkpoint. Around 14:00, the shift supervisor in the zero checkpoint of the Marinka checkpoint was shotgun as a result of shelling of the sniper weapons from the temporarily occupied territory. State of health of the injured is satisfactory. At the moment, he received the first medical assistance and delivered to the nearest medical institution. Passage of persons and vehicles through the Marinka checkpoint was temporarily suspended by the decision of the JFO headquarters", - Oleh Slobodian reports.

The JFO press service confirmed this information. "The enemy sniper fired at the checkpont of the first defense line before the Marinka checkpoint. As a result of the shot, the senior lieutenant of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine Oleksiy K. was injured in the leg. The checkpoint's operation is terminated to ensure the safety of the personnel performing tasks at the Marinka checkpoint and security of Ukrainian citizens crossing the collision line", - the statement of the JF Operation headquarters said.

It is noted that in response to the shelling by the militants, the AFU small unit took counter-sniper actions.